Our Second Lord’s Day

Yesterday was our first taste of a full Sabbath Day. What do I mean by ‘full’?

Well, what would you consider as a full Sabbath Day? How about preaching at three services and driving 415km in between times? For those of you in the U.K. and unfamiliar with km, it’s 258 miles. From memory that’s a little further than going from Belfast to Dublin and then back to Belfast.

On top of that, it was about 35 degrees (no one complaining about being cold in church, that’s for sure) which makes things a little more uncomfortable.

One of the young men from the church in Port Lincoln traveled with us, and he kept us on the right track and answered some questions we had about the surrounding area.

As you travel in certain areas, there are warning signs about kangaroos as they can be very hazardous to drivers. However, Melanie held a little hope that we might see our first wild kangaroo as we were driving along. Her desire wasn’t quite satisfied when we came across one that had lost in a fight with a vehicle.

It was an enjoyable day, and the Lord gave help and grace for each meeting. There was much to encourage us, especially when we returned to Port Lincoln for the evening service at 6pm. A Christian couple from Perth on a touring holiday with their eight children (just what every small church wants) joined the congregation in Port Lincoln for both Sabbath services.

With a couple belonging to the church returning from their holidays, the family from Perth, and one or two other visitors, the little church was nicely filled (although there’s plenty of room for more).

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