My Installation as Minister of Calgary Free Presbyterian Church

My installation was on Friday March 6, 2015 We arrived in Calgary on January 22, 2015, and I commenced my pulpit ministry on the Lord’s Day, January 25. The first few months in any new country are filled with practical matters: government paperwork, driver’s license, becoming familiar with the stores for groceries and other practical … Read more My Installation as Minister of Calgary Free Presbyterian Church

My Ordination

My ordination service was a great blessing In a day when it has become all too common for people to enter Christian ministry to be self-determining their ‘call,’ an orderly approach to the Christian ministry and church planting is welcomed. Like much of our modern world, people demand things occur much faster than they did … Read more My Ordination

Flights Booked

Just because something is inevitable, doesn’t make it any easier to prepare for. Does it? Since the day we arrived in South Australia, we’ve been working away, knowing that it wouldn’t be forever. The end is now in sight, and we’ll be leaving the Eyre Peninsula on the 16th of June, and arriving in Northern Ireland … Read more Flights Booked

Bondi Beach

On Thursday morning (Jan 17), we left the Blue Mountains, and headed across to the other side of Sydney to see Bondi, before beginning to head south. Allow me to just interject here. Now and then when you’re away from your homeland, you see something you’re totally not expecting to see. For example, the first … Read more Bondi Beach