Unmasking a Future Lockdown

Ah, March 2020. Who can forget it.

The month we began to learn terms like epidemiology, self-isolating, asymptomatic, and lockdowns.

As I have stated elsewhere, I immediately battled with the idea of suspending public worship. I did not immediately know what would be the best thing to do, which is why I learned so much through the experience.

Below is a link to a document that argues through my accumulated thoughts from March 2020 until March 2021.

So why make it available now?

I deliberately did not seek to publish this document in the heat of the battle (even though it was suggested, and money was offered to help do so). As tempting as it was, I believed my duty was to instruct and guide the congregation I oversee, not the congregations of the world. I was conscious that sincere pastors were struggling in their context and I did not want to exaggerate their problems with my words bombarding their inbox.

But time has past. Churches have returned to public worship. And if lessons have not yet been learned then I think this is a good time to review what we should do in the future. That being the case, I now make this available for wider consumption.

Unmasking a Future Lockdown
21 Truths for Church Leaders to Remember

P.S. If you wish to share the document, please refer people to this page to download it for themselves. Thank you.



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