Our First Lord’s Day in Australia

Well folks, I must apologise for the delay in replying, I’ve only just got connected to the internet today. A big thank you to those of you who prayed for our safety as we journeyed.

Yesterday was our first Lord’s Day in Australia, and a delightful one at that; a day full of ‘new things.’ New churches, new travels, new friends and brethren in the Lord, etc. There were three services for us to attend and preach at. 11am and 6pm services at Port Lincoln, and a 3pm service in Lock. At the first services in each church, I thought it would be most appropriate to introduce ourselves with a word of testimony, including how the Lord had led us to Oz.

Everyone was very warm and encouraging, and we both got a little taste of the magnitude of the country and travelling their. When you look at the map of Australia, the distance between Port Lincoln and Lock appears minimal, however in reality the journey is a rather lengthy 90 odd miles one way.

I am not yet sure of my preaching schedule as I have to split myself between three congregations (the other is Elliston – about 120 miles from Port Lincoln I think), but I will probably have three Sunday services, three mid-week services, an after school weekly Bible Club at Lock, and helping with the children’s work in Port Lincoln. I would very much value your prayers.

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