My Installation as Minister of Faith Free Presbyterian Church

My Installation was on Friday, January 4, 2019

The move to Faith Free Presbyterian Church in Greenville SC, was, in many ways, the toughest move my wife and I have ever had to make. Moving to Australia was exciting, even though we were sacrificing our jobs for what may have been a 6-12 month period (it ended up being over two years, but no one knew that would be the case). Taking the step to enter The Whitefield College of the Bible was also a challenge, such were my fears of the ministry. Accepting the call to Calgary, leaving family, country, and everything familiar to us for what we anticipated would be many, many years, was tough.

But, leaving Calgary and moving to Greenville was a hurdle that felt insurmountable at times, and it was our faith in Christ and conviction of God’s will that carried us through. Leaving people that you had grown to love, that you had watched come to faith in Christ, grow in grace, marry, etc, etc.

It really was tough. Nothing in Greenville could overcome what we enjoyed in Calgary, except for the knowledge we had that if we remained in Calgary, it would be disobedience to God.

I thought I would be in Calgary for years, perhaps the entirety of my ministry. As I begin in Greenville I feel the same way. The work will be different, the challenges will be different, the needs will be different, but the same grace enjoyed in Canada will be sufficient in America.


Presiding: Rev. John Wagner of Covenant FPC
Opening Prayer: Rev. Myron Mooney of Trinity FPC [4:00]
Greetings from Presbytery and letters: Rev. Myron Mooney [11:00]
Scripture Reading: Dr. Bruce Byers, Secretary of Faith FPC [21:00]
Prescribed Questions: Dr. Stephen Pollock of Malvern FPC [30:00]
Installation prayer: Rev. Ian Goligher of Cloverdale FPC [35:00]
Charge to the Minister: Rev. Ian Goligher [44:00]
Remarks from New Minister: Rev. Armen Thomassian [1:25:00]
Closing prayer: Rev. Sanghoon Han [1:47:00]

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