My Installation as Minister of Calgary Free Presbyterian Church

My installation was on Friday March 6, 2015

We arrived in Calgary on January 22, 2015, and I commenced my pulpit ministry on the Lord’s Day, January 25.

The first few months in any new country are filled with practical matters: government paperwork, driver’s license, becoming familiar with the stores for groceries and other practical needs, etc. Arriving in Calgary, we mercifully enjoyed a little reprieve from the intense cold due to a chinook, but it wasn’t long before we experienced just how cold it can get. What immediately followed was the demands of approbate clothing, especially footwear.

In light of this, you can understand that planning an event in Calgary in the middle of winter is not wise. The weather can be unpredictable and severe, and cause all sorts of problems for people attempting to attend. Thus, it was decided to leave my installation service until Friday March 6, 2015. It could still be cold, but perhaps it wouldn’t be just as bad.

That wasn’t the case, however. On that chilly Friday evening my installation took place with about 70 people in attendance. An encouraging turn out given that about 20 people attended the church at that time.

It was very different to my ordination. On that occasion I was surrounded by family and friends I have known for years, as well as ministers I had also known and grown to deeply appreciate over a long period of time. My installation on the other hand, was in a congregation still relatively unfamiliar to me, with visitors I had never met, and many ministers I did not know. Furthermore, my family was not in attendance, so I was especially thankful for the small representation from Hebron Free Presbyterian Church. It made a huge difference.


I was thankful for a good representation of men from the FPCNA, as well as my minister, Rev. David Park.

Presiding: Rev. Ian Goligher of Cloverdale FPC
Opening Prayer: Rev. Andrew Foster of Penticton FPC
Reading Scriptures: Rev. Aaron Dunlop of Victoria FPC [15:30]
Greetings from Presbytery: Dr. Mark Allison of Malvern FPC [17:30]
Greetings from Ulster Presbytery: Rev. David Park of Hebron FPC [22:00]
Prescribed questions: Rev. David Mook of Phoenix FPC [36:00]
Installation prayer: Dr. Larry Saunders of Toronto FPC [43:00]
Charge to the Minister: Dr. Larry Saunders [49:00]
Remarks from New Minister: Rev. Armen Thomassian [1:30:00]
Welcome to the New Minister: Mr. Dwayne Egert [1:51:00]

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