The Shingleback Lizard

As I have indicated previously, and as most are aware, South Australia is home to some weird and wonderful wildlife. It’s interesting to watch a small house spider attack your broom while trying to brush it away, and then later to find out that its bite can cause headaches and vomiting.

The wildlife in Northern Ireland seems rather boring in comparison, or to put it in a more diplomatic way, it’s a little less charismatic.

I’ve found a few snaps of some local wildlife I’ve taken recently, and here is one that is a common sight: the Shingleback Lizard. Or, as they’re known around here, the Sleepy Lizard.

These things are everywhere, but you’ll usually see them sun-bathing in the middle of the road, or crossing it at a dangerously slow speed, which is why many Sleepys never wake up again!

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