The Strange Providences of the Lord

Strange indeed.

Last night, while speaking on the phone to my mum, she informed me that my grandfather (her father), had been taken into hospital. This afternoon I got another call. I don’t know all the details of what has happened, but it appears my grandfather may be weakening, and most of the family (as far as I’m aware), are at the hospital.

So what’s strange about this? Well, in one hour I’ll be going to preach on Genesis 48, where Joseph is informed that his father Jacob is sick. Joseph then makes preparation to see him, taking with him his two children, etc…

Strange that I should be preaching this, and at precisely the same time children and grandchildren of my grandfather are gathering around him as he is sick.

Strange that I should (in a sense) be there, but I’m at the other side of the world preaching on a passage that exactly matches what I would do if I wasn’t where I am.


Please pray for my family.

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