British Weather?

Yesterday we experienced a slight turn in the weather. It’s unlikely to last more than a few days, but many of the locals rejoice in a little rain. I found out that not only is this the driest continent on earth, the state of South Australia is the driest of all the states in Australia, for although areas of the Northern Territory get much hotter than here, many parts of it also experience monsoon rains at certain times of the year.

Thursday is the day where we head up to Elliston (340km round trip) for their 5:30pm mid-week service. The drive takes about 1hr 45 when sticking to the 110km speed limit (which is advisable), but yesterday we got some heavy rain during our trip which made it a little longer for us as we had to slow down in areas where the road became water-logged.

After about an hour it ceased, and just a few kilometres before we entered Elliston I noticed two odd looking creatures in a field to the right side of the road. We stopped the car and turned back. They were very shy and ran away, but I got a snap before it was too late.

Two emus! Odd looking things, aren’t they? But perfectly capable of suriving the climate here in ways that most animals would not. It was nice to see them in the wild. Apparently they can be very inquisitive and if you wave something shiny, or a white tissue or something like that, they will come over, so I might have to try that out the next time.

Prayer meeting in Elliston

There were six of us at the meeting which took place in the home of one of the brethren and we had a great time around the Word and in the time of prayer. Hearts weren’t broken, but they were dealt with, including my own, and I believe that the Spirit of God was there in a measure.

Afterwards we ordered some good old ‘Fish ‘n Chips’ which was very tasty. The fish was battered Garfish which is a change from Whiting or Cod and I really enjoyed it. I like fish under three conditions:

  1. Preferably not smoked
  2. Preferably boneless
  3. Preferably not too fishy in taste

The fellowship was good, really good, and in my good mood I managed to chat the ear off Mel the whole way home for an hour and a half solid.

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