Christian Education and Homeschooling On the Rise

I want to leave you with some encouragement today, especially to those of you in Christian education and those of you that homeschool.

I’ve been hearing lately that some of those that provide homeschool materials are struggling to keep up with demand and Christian school applications are up significantly. Last evening, Rev. Kevin Swanson mentioned that the number of homeschooled children in the U.S. is expected by some to rise from approximately 3 million to 10 million this year.

This has encouraged me greatly. Are you discouraged by what is going on in the nation? Why are these things happening?

There is no getting away from the fact that the public education system is a significant factor. We have become enslaved by a philosophy of education that believes children need to be educated so they can DO something, and the nation is self-destructing. A biblical perspective helps us to see that we educate our children so they can BE something. Our children belong to God, and our duty is to give them truths that will equip them to live for God, e.g. we don’t teach them numeracy just to become accountants, but so they are servants of God that happen to be accountants, and perform their work with a Christian ethic.

No doubt many of the new homeschoolers are accepting curriculum that is provided by the state, and many will do it for deficient motives. But this is an encouraging trend, and when opportunities arise we should encourage other families to make the sacrifices necessary to get their children into Christian schools or to educate their children themselves, and we should be ready to alleviate their fears and help them.

The response to Covid-19 is worth it all if it encourages this drift. I will rejoice in God despite the overreach of the government, and all the subsequent measures if it drives people to disciple their children. I am praying that what appears to be going on continues, and becomes a revival of Christian discipleship in the home. Other aspects of the kingdom of Christ are important, but perhaps none more important than this, and I would love it to be a global trend with Christians all over the world establishing Christian schools or educating their children at home.

Keep laboring in hope, beloved. Jesus reigns!

Your friend and minister,


P.S. As I finish this, Dr. George Grant has just ended his message with this line. “Do you know what your job is? Your job is to change the world, by the power of His Spirit, starting right here with your family. Starting right here with your calling. Starting right here as you do the next right thing.” Amen.

An email to the Faith FPC family while attending a conference in Trinity FPC, AL. It may be slightly edited to remove sensitive information.