The Big Adventure Begins

Well, as most of you are aware, we’re now on the road. After a couple of hours’ sleep on Sunday night, we woke up at 3am, got ready, and left just after 5am on Monday morning.

This has been our schedule since then:

11am – Arrived in Adelaide, and eventually found Magill Free Church (Free Church of Scotland Continuing), where we were invited to stay for the two nights in Adelaide.

2:30pm – Had a nap in the church (not during a service, promise). They have facilities for people to stay there; bed, shower, etc.

4:30pm – Met with a Christian gentleman from the church and went to visit another family in the Adelaide Hills.
Okay… this will take far too long, and I’m not spending my holidays writing!!

Went down to Adelaide city centre, spent most of the day there. Mmm… haven’t had a Starbucks in ages! You know, they totally have a right to overcharge. Their white chocolate Mocha doesn’t have an equal in any coffee shop I’ve ever been.

Up at 3:45am, picked up by a taxi at 4:30am, and flying out of Adelaide by 6:20am. Once we landed in Sydney, we caught another taxi to take us to where our home would be for the next few weeks… our Hiace Campervan!

To cut a long day short, basically Wednesday was a day I’d rather forget about (although, I never will). My patience was severely tested, and I was left wondering. “What are you trying to teach me here, Lord?” To add to a few fiascos, lets just say, I have a severe issue with the way Australian cities sign post their streets. It’s one thing the British and Americans do much better, in my experience.

Spent the day in Sydney city centre. It’s a nice place, once you get there. We just ‘mosied’ round the shops. We also had our first Hungry Jacks! To be fair, you get A LOT more for your money in HJ than in McDonalds, Burger King, or any of those other places. For $6.95 (about £3) we got a burger twice the size of a Big Mac, fries, drink, and an ice cream (like a McFlurry).

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