Flights, family and friends, fun, and the future

No, I’m not dead, but I have been quieter than I had expected.

After the fortnight in Perth, we began our 40 hour journey back to Northern Ireland, which included an 11 hour stop in Singapore. Actually, if you ever have to spend an extended time in an airport, Singapore is the place to do it. It’s got a gym, places to sleep, PlayStations, Xboxs, free internet, movies, and heaps of shops… very cool. Perhaps an insight into the future of international airports?

Arriving home after 18 months was a little odd. Almost surreal. It wasn’t until I went to my old place of employment several days after we arrived, that the reality of being home sank in. It was good to see some old colleagues again.

It may surprise to some, but in the brief time we were away there have been many changes. Changes in church, changes in politics, changes in the economy, even changes in people. Some friends are now married, and some now have children. Lots of changes.

Of course, many things are exactly the same, including the weather!

We have, as I expected, been rather busy, but I’ve tried to keep the preaching to a minimum, preaching only once in Limavady on the 6th, and then once on the 20th in Rasharkin.

We have spent much time with family, catching up with friends, and doing a bit of shopping. It was great to be here for our best friend’s wedding on the 15th and to see them finally tie the knot.

It’s also been a delight to stay with my mum, and being able to chat into the small hours of the morning with her, and to chill out with my sister.

But it’s all to be brought to a halt soon.

For those that don’t already know, Melanie and I will leave Northern Ireland once again in just over a week. Again, we will take to the air to journey across Europe, and across Asia, and across mainland Australia, to arrive (God willing) in Tasmania, where we hope to help a church for several months, possibly for the remainder of time on our visas.

It’ll be difficult saying goodbye to family again, but, as I was telling my mum this afternoon, I’m looking forward to it. The unknown is exciting!

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