Flights Booked

Just because something is inevitable, doesn’t make it any easier to prepare for. Does it?

Since the day we arrived in South Australia, we’ve been working away, knowing that it wouldn’t be forever.

The end is now in sight, and we’ll be leaving the Eyre Peninsula on the 16th of June, and arriving in Northern Ireland on the 3rd of July.

Over two weeks to get home?

Well, over a year ago, Melanie and I discussed how it might be nice to go home via Malaysia or Thailand. I mean, we’re in the neighbourhood, and it wouldn’t be too difficult to organise our way home via either of those places.

But, we’re not spending two weeks in Malaysia or Thailand… we’re spending it in romantic Perth, Western Australia!

Not quite the same, but I was asked to help and give the minister of the church a break and I consented.

Ministering in Australia isn’t like Northern Ireland. You can’t call a bunch of your colleagues in the ministry or a few reliable lay preachers to help you out with the church services while you’re gone, they’re just not there to call! For me to drive to Perth is like someone in Northern Ireland going to Romania for a meeting (as the crow flies).

How do I feel about leaving?

Without a doubt there are mixed emotions. Yeah, sure we want to get home and catch up with loved ones. However, we’ve made some wonderful friendships here, and it will not be easy to walk away.

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