If you really want to get to see and understand Ireland, don’t stay in Dublin. If you want to get an insight into Spain, don’t stay in Madrid. If you want to get a grasp of Chinese culture, don’t stay in Hong Kong. It’s the same all over the world. Sadly, many people really miss … Read more Sydney

5 Odd Things About An Aussie Christmas Day

Christmas. I just know you’ve been stuffing yourselves with Quality Street, and Celebrations! As for us, well, Christmas has been different this year. I mean, I knew it would be different, but it turned out more different from I expected. Please note, interpret nothing below as a complaint. I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas this year. But it … Read more 5 Odd Things About An Aussie Christmas Day

Total Lunar Eclipse

Last Tuesday evening we had the privilege of seeing something we’ve never seen before, a total lunar eclipse. We’ve probably had them during my lifetime in the UK too, but I suppose there’s less chance of getting a cloudless night. Australia, however, hardly ever doesn’t have clear skies. Well, South Australia at least. Unfortunately though, we missed the … Read more Total Lunar Eclipse