The Blue-tongued Lizard

For those who follow the blog closely, you’ll know how I love to enrich your life with various snippets of wildlife information, dressed with photos taken by yours truly. Among those, there have been several reptiles.

The other week, on a warm and sunny Spring day, Brecca began barking outside. We’ve got to the stage where we can tell whether she’s barking at someone walking past with a dog, or barking at something of interest. On this occasion we knew she’d found something — our first Blue-tongued Lizard!

I may be wrong, but I think it’s an Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard. I’d say it wasn’t far from being a foot long. It found its way into a hole at the side of the house before I had time to take a photo, and I had to wait patiently for it to come out. However, each time it came out, it would quickly flee into the hole again before I’d get a photo. I then tried to drop a brick in front of the hole when it left the next time, but I didn’t cover it properly, and it squeezed through and disappeared again.

Finally, I got the plastic garden rake, and when it came out again, I used the rake to divert it away from the hole so I could get a few shots of it. The joys of wildlife photography!

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