Arrival in Oz

The first day of the next year or so of our lives began today. After a 7 hour flight in which we slept on and off for most of the way, we landed in Adelaide around 9am local time with the sun ’splitting the stones’. Quite a contrast compared to both Northern Ireland where it’s freezing, and Singapore where although it was hot, the sun didn’t really make it through the clouds and the humidity felt like a constant mist in the air.

Our flight from Adelaide to Port Lincoln was at 1:10pm and we discovered that on this flight, ‘Rex’ (the airline) had a baggage limit of 15kg / person and a 7kg hand luggage limit. Well, as those of you who have been following will know, our luggage was well over this, and even our hand luggage was too heavy! The fella at the check-in desk was very helpful though and only charged us $30 instead of $60.

As we boarded the little plane of about 50 people, the air hostess was in shock as she saw me getting on with my coat on! It wasn’t because I was cold, though. I had it in my case, but it was 0.7kg too heavy (insurance limit for baggage handling is 32kg) so wearing my coat was the easiest way to bring it below the limit.

As we flew the bumpy short flight to Port Lincoln, I got a little nervous and a deeper feeling of apprehension enveloped me. I still feel a little like that today, but my daily reading verse for yesterday was Luke 3:4, “The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord…” Surely this must be what I ought to desire by the grace of God—indeed, what every Christian ought to desire—that our lives and ministry would be a channel of Christ’s power and blessing.

On arrival at the Port Lincoln airport, we received a lovely welcome from some members of the congregations in Port Lincoln and Lock, and after a few conversations with some of them, we were taken to what is to be our home till further notice. I’ll not go into detail now, but both of us are very happy with the house and Mel has already been rearranging things to make it more like home. As I sit here in my study at the back of the house, I can see the sea, and a small yacht which is sailing in the light breeze that there is today.

After being taken out for dinner, we came home and Mel made a few phone calls. I would have done the same, but I fell asleep on the sofa around 9-10pm and never budged till 6am this morning, so I’ll have to ring home later.

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